RGAS Services

Refrigerant Sales | RGAS, LLC.

Refrigerant Sales

CFCs, HCFC's, HFC's and other refrigerants

Refrigerant Purchases | RGAS, LLC.

Refrigerant Purchases

A fake dollar bill advertising freon collection and refrigerant purchases from RGAS Refrigerants
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We pay top dollar for used and surplus CFC, HCFC, and HFC refrigerants

Refrigerant Analysis | RGAS, LLC.

Refrigerant Analysis

AHRI certified lab testing of low and high pressure refrigerants

On-Site Refrigerant Recovery | RGAS, LLC.

On-Site Refrigerant Recovery

Utilizing top of the line high speed recovery equipment

Reclamation and Separation  | RGAS, LLC.

Reclamation and Separation

Conversion of used, dirty refrigerant to AHRI certified quality

Refrigerant Exchange Program | RGAS, LLC.

Refrigerant Exchange Program

Exchange your contaminated refrigerant for virgin or reclaimed

Recovery Tank Sales | RGAS, LLC.

Recovery Tank Sales

Recovery cylinder rental of all common sizes

ISO Tank Rental | RGAS, LLC.

ISO Tank Rental

I.S.O. tanks which can be leased on a short or long term basis

Refrigerant Disposal | RGAS, LLC.

Refrigerant Disposal

Destruction of contaminated refrigerants in US EPA licensed facility