Gas Type: R13 Refrigerant

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R13 Refrigerant

Product Type: CFC

Very low temperature refrigeration systems typically operate in two or more stages (cascade type systems). It would be nearly impossible to achieve low temperatures in a single stage with an inexpensive compressor. The traditional cascade system has a low temperature stage which uses the lower boiling point gas, such as R-13, R-503, R-23, or R-508B, and a high stage which typically uses R-12, R-22, R-502, R-134a, or R-404A. The high stage evaporator provides the correct condensation temperature for the low stage so that compressors in both stages can run at "normal" pressures.

Very low temp ref
Mineral, Alkylbenzene
Tank Sizes:

5 lb

9 lb

23 lb

80 lb