Gas Type: R403B Refrigerant

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R403B Refrigerant

Product Type: HCFC

A blend of R-22 and R-218 with hydrocarbon R-290 (propane) added to improve oil return. Though this product was originally developed as a replacement for R-502, it can only be used as an alternative for R-13B1 in single-stage, low-temperature systems. The evaporator will operate in a vacuum when the low side temperature is below -55°F. When existing R-13B1 systems are retrofitted to R-403B the capillary tube must be replaced with a longer/more restrictive size. Similar lubricants can be used for R-403B, with any additives the manufacturer may recommend.

Very low temp ref
Mineral, Alkylbenzene, Polyolester
Tank Sizes:

25 lb

110 lb